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This site is dedicated to all of those former and current lacrosse players - young and old - who have a thirst for learning all that they can about the past 150 years of lacrosse history. The pages that will follow will include a brief history of the game's Native American origin and a recap of its evolution during the 1900's. You will find some neat content on both men's as well as women's lacrosse.

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Previous Old School Equipment:
Nov 29, 2009.....STX Ulman Model circa 1984
Dec 06, 2009.....Brine PL77 circa 1974
Dec 13, 2009.....STX Laser Hi-Wall circa 1983
Dec 20, 2009.....STX Turbo circa 1990
Dec 27, 2009.....Lally Boy's Model circa 1915
Jan 04, 2010......Brine Edge circa 1995
Jan 11, 2010......Brine Shotgun circa 1985
Feb 01, 2010.....STX X2 circa 1997
Feb 08, 2010.....STX Proton circa 1997
Mar 17, 2010.....Warrior Patriot circa 1998
Apr 26, 2010.....STX Viper circa 1992
Sept 25, 2010.....Brine M1 Magic circa 1990
Dec 23, 2020.... Original STX Goalie Stick
Mar 10, 2011.... Brine Flip Flop Model Gloves
July 2, 2011... STX Golden Hi-Wall circa 1989
Feb 19, 2012... Brine Edge Ice circa 1997
May 4, 2013... KWIK STIK Ultralight
Dec 8, 2013... KWIK STIK XL
Mar 13, 2014.... STX Model 76
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STX Model 76
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The "AMISCO" Warrior Lacrosse Stick

Looking to see how many different variations of the AMISCO sticker label exist.... anyone have anything different ?

I have seen print advertisements that list a GOALIE Stick by Amisco.... Anyone own one ?
Just acquired 2 really neat EARLY BRINE lacrosse sticks. This is the 2nd generation plastic head that was made by BRINE. I posted a pic about a year ago that featured a blue head .. the two I just acquired are white.. but what makes this early non branded SUPERLIGHT so important is the all original woven pocket. Bobby Pool - the All American player from the 1930's and inventor of the Double Walled Wooden Stick - also designed this pocket and filed for the patent in 1975.. He was eventually granted US Patent # 4,049,273 in 1977 - well after it began to see use in games.
The pocket similar to what STX had offered at the time with MESH - as it was pre-fabricated and could simply be tied into the head when needing replacement. Made of all nylon string - it still resembled a traditional pocket with 4 strings running from scoop to throat just like the leather version would. So there you have it... Bobby Pool also invented and later sold to BRINE his design for a pre-formed pocket.