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J. Fraser Stuart - Canadian Lithographer

In late 2019, I was fortunate enough to come across some very rare Victorian trade cards that feature the sport of Lacrosse. It was a set of 3 that all featured the sport in action -- but portrayed the game in a humorous way.  These particular cards were produced as a method of advertising for the BELL CIGAR COMPANY of Canada.  However, over the past few years, I have seen the same 3 cards used as advertisement for the BRITISH WHIG OF KINGSTON, HOOD'S LAUNDRY AND TOILET SOAP, as well as a French restaurant in Montreal - whose name escapes me at the moment.   I am sure that there are numerous other companies that enlisted the help of famed Canadian lithographer J. Fraser Stuart of Montreal.  Given the time period that the BELL CIGAR COMPANY operated in as well as the period when the lithographer practiced, these cards date to between 1880-1905, however, the ephemera collector that I purchased them from seemed to be more precise with the dating and believed that they date to 1887.   

The 3 versions have unique names such as:

1. Where's the Ball?

2. New Idea

3. Between Acts

Let us know if you have come across other versions of J. Fraser Stuart's artwork!
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