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Lacrosse Sticks Made in England
Early in the 19th century, Europeans in Canada began playing the game of lacrosse.  Montreal's Olympic club organized a team in 1844, specifically to play a match against a Native American team.  However, the first significant step towards turning lacrosse into a truly organized global, organized, and modern sport came when the Montreal Lacrosse Club, which was founded in 1856, developed the first written rules of the game.  George Beers of the very same club in 1867, rewrote the rules in order to present a standardized set for all who played the game. His rules called for 12 players per team and gave names to the various positions of Goal, Point, Cover Point, First Defense, Second Defense, Third Defense, Center, Third Attack, Second Attack, First Attack, Out Home, and finally In Home. Beers, who has been credited as being the "father of modern lacrosse" also had replaced the hair-stuff deerskin ball with a hard rubber ball and designed a stick that possessed improvements that helped the player catch and throw the ball more accurately.  Canada's National Lacrosse Association quicky adopted these new rules and duirng 1867, a team that was made up of Caughnawaga Indians went to England and played a match for Queen Victoria. The sport became very popular in numerous cities such as Manchester and  London and the English Lacrosse Union was born.
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