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Youth Lacrosse player demonstrating the fundamentals and technique of a ground-ball.  Notice the level of the back hand - it remains low through the scooping motion. His knees are bent and he places his foot close to the ball - shielding it from his opponent. Once the ball is securely in the head, the player brings it up and closely to his chest and runs away from trouble while beginning to craddle the ball, first with one hand - then with two - all the time preparing to find a teammate to throw to.
Ground Ball Fundamentals

The "Boston Pick Up"
Although this would not be considered part of the fundamentals of lacrosse, it is a trick that you could do if you are looking to pick up the ball un-contested.  Again - this is not a recommended method of picking up a ground ball if you are battling your opponent for the ball.

The Face Off
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